Thai Immigration in Satun

You can find Thai Immigration in Satun or Satun immigration office on the numbers listed below and on the map. Thai immigration in the province can assist you with your 90 day reporting and also with extending your tourist visa for Thailand, while in the area. They can also extend you retirement visa for you.

Thai Immigration in Satun

If you are leaving Thailand and in need of a re-entry permit then they can also assist you with this as it takes less than an hour to have a re-entry permit issued. You can also speak to them about a residency permit and permanent residency while in Thailand.

If you have a work permit you can also report your 90 day stay to their offices. Note that overstaying your visa is a bad idea and they will charge you 500 THB a day and could possibly arrest and deport you if you are caught. The IDC in Bangkok will process and deport you out of Thailand. See the map below for more details. See also the Thai work permit cost in the country.


Thai Immigration in Satun

Satun Thai Immigration

Note that there are also checkpoints much like other immigration offices. There is the Immigration Checkpoint, Satun Province (Tammalang Pier) as well as the Kuandon immigration checkpoint. Finally there is also the Immigration checkpoint, Satun Province (Koh Lipe). The immigration point at the pier is similar to Thai Immigration Si Racha Chonburi

as well as the Thai Immigration in Trat. These also have a pier checkpoint much like the one with the Ranong immigration checkpoint. This is Satun immigration office.

satun immigration office

Note that if you have changed passports or you have never reported you 90 days to immigration in person. Then you cannot complete this online and will have to do the first one in person. You can do this in person or allow someone else to do this for you. Finally you can also send this with registered mail with a return and stamped envelope with it. You can notify their residence  before 15 days or after 7 days  from the due date. If overdue or beyond the deadline to notify the accommodation Aliens must self-report to carry out fines, will be fined 2,000 baht. See the 90 Day Reporting cannot be done online after the due date even though you still have 7 days left. See the tm6 Thailand form amongst the form for the 90 day reporting which can be done by registered mail or in person.

Address: 6 Buriwanit Road, Phiman Subdistrict, Mueang District, Satun Province
Tel: 074711080
Fax: 074-711080 ext. 120
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)

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