Thai Immigration in Ranong

If you live or work in Ranong then you can seek assistance at Thai Immigration in Ranong for your 90 day reporting or extending your Thai visa while in the area. You can also ask them about a re-entry permit if you are going to Burma for the day and you can return without your visa being invalidated. you wil then normally only get 14 or 15 day visa on arrival.

Thai Immigration in Ranong

Firstly note that Thai Immigration in Ranong is not at the water front and you have to take a taxi to the border crossing from immigration in Ranong. The taxi drivers will be able to show you where to go. See other immigration offices in the region on this website such as Thai immigration in Krabi and Thai immigration in Phuket. Finally see the details below which has been updated. See also the change in immigration rules and regulations on this website.

Thai Immigration in Ranong

Day Trip for Tourists

Firstly Thai immigration in Ranong deal mostly with Burmese as there are few expats in the area. It is a very friendly immigration point when taking a day trip across the river to Burma or Myanmar on the other side. You will however need to take a taxi to the river front as it is a bit of a walk. From there you can cross the river. The Myanmar immigration checkpoint was in the middle of the river the last time. You had to get out of the boat to have your passport stamped into and out of Burma. From Thailand you needed to take a taxi to Ranong immigration. Makes for a good day trip for tourists who want to see something of Myanmar for a day with little effort. See also the Amphur in Ranong as well as the Ranong province.

Note: Firstly you will only get 15 days on arrival when you enter Thailand as your tourist visa which you used to enter Thailand would have been used when you leave to cross over the river. consider this. If you have an extended visa, you will need to apply for a re-entry permit at immigration in Ranong before you cross the river. Finally when you return with the re-entry permit, the visa will then continue as before.

Address: 71/10 Village No. 5, Bang Ruen Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ranong Province
Tel: 0-7782-6938
Fax: 077826939
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)

There are a number of immigration offices in Thailand. Ranong is only one for these. The main office being immigration in Bangkok as well as Thai immigration in Mae Hong Son which are very helpful.



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