Thai Immigration in Phuket

The details for Thai Immigration in Phuket is listed here. If you are on holiday in Phuket and in need of extending your tourist visa or you are retired or married and want to extend the marriage visa then you can speak to Thai Immigration in Phuket at the offices for assistance. you can also apply for a re-entry permit while in Phuket.

Thai Immigration in Phuket

The immigration office in Phuket has been listed below with a map and their operating hours and they can assist you also with your 90 day reporting while in Phuket. Remember not to overstay your visa while in Thailand as the cost is 500THB a day and if you are caught you will be send to the IDC in Bangkok for deportation. The staff at Phuket are very foreigner friendly much like Thai Immigration in Pattaya and also Thai Immigration in Nong Khai.

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Thai Immigration in Phuket

If you need to move your visa from one passport to a new passport then this can be done at Thai immigration in Phuket. There is a small cost involved and it normally takes 15 minutes or so. You can also apply for a re-entry permit. This will allow you to leave Thailand and to return without having to start the visa process again. If you leave the country without the re-entry permit, your visa will be automatically cancelled. You would have to start the entire visa process again when you return.

Thai Immigration in Phuket map

Thai immigration in Patong

You will note that there is also a smaller immigration office in Patong that operates from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. This is a very small office so you will need to stand outside when they are very busy. We have added a map at the bottom to the immigration office in Patong. There is also a telephone number. This is 076340477 which you can use to contact them. If you are a tourist in Phuket, then Thai immigration in Phuket can also extend you visa for you for an additional 30 days. This costs 1,900 THB. Note that you should also be able to do this at the Thai immigration Patong office. You can call them and ask for assistance.

Address: No. 482 Phuket Road, Talad Yai, Mueang District, Phuket Province, 83000
Tel: 0-7622-1905
Fax: 0-7621-2108
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)

Thai Immigration in Patong map

Extend your Thai visa

Firstly if you are going to extend your marriage visa or retirement visa. Secondly you will need to ensure that you have left the correct money in the bank as required. For a marriage visa this is 400,000 THB and for retirement visa this is 800,000 THB. When you extend the visa you will need to ensure that you have met all the requirements. Immigration in Phuket will need to see all the required documents including your Thai bank account with a letter from the bank. Don’t forget there also needs to be a hand drawn page with a map to show where you live. Finally search this website for more details on the requirements.

Thai Immigration in Patong

Finally, you must ensure that you dont overstay you visa. If you are caught they could very well blacklist you from entering Thailand. If you are ill and unable to travel, the hospital can give you a letter to extend your visa beyond its expiration date. These is provision within the law to allow for this.

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