Work Permit and Visa


Lets tlak about your Work Permit and Visa. If you are going to work in Thailand then you can apply for a work permit while holding a number of Thai visas. Most people work in Thailand after obtaining a Thai Business Visa to apply for the visa. This visa has to be applied for at Read More

Visa on Arrival


The visa on arrival is a visa waiver. Certain nationalities can enter Thailand for a period of 90 days while others are allowed in for 30 days. There are also those who obtain 14 days on arrival while other will need to show money when arriving at an immigration check point. These do change so Read More

Change of Visa Status


You can have a change of visa status in Thailand without the need to leave the country. Its not very common but there are those expats who change visa status from time to time. This as they work then dont work. The most common one are those who have a marriage visa for Thailand. Then Read More

Thai Immigration Forms

Thai Immigration Forms These are most of the Thai immigration forms. You will notice that there are many but for most in Thailand there will be use for only a handful of these. We have highlighted those that might be of interest to an expat in Thailand. The more common Thai immigration forms. These will Read More