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I develop websites and content for websites related to embassies from around the world. See more pages and content about Thai embassies from around the world. From Canada to Nepal all Thai embassies have been listed here. See the other websites listed on the sidebar for US, Canadian and British embassies.

Advance Parole

Advance Parole gives a Thai fiancée the right to re-enter the United States on a K-1 Visa after leaving the country. This is important because your fiancée cannot leave the country on a K-1 Visa and return without obtaining this crucial travel document.

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Affidavit of support for a Thai fiancee

When a US Citizen sponsors a Thai fiancé/fiancée or spouse for immigration to the United States the US Citizen must show that he/she can support the Thai immigrant. The US government is interested in making sure that an immigrant brought to the US (for our purposes a Thai loved one) will not become a public charge (welfare recipient).

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Chilean Embassy in Thailand

The Embassy of Chile is close to the Novatel Hotel in Bangkok. There is not public transport close to the embassy however you can get off at the skytrain BTS Asok Station ot the BTS Phrom Phong Station or the subway system at the MRT Sukhumwit. The embassy can assist you with marriage registration, issue a new passport or register a birth or death in Thailand.

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Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand

Note the contact details for the Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand which has been listed below. If you need consular assistance from the consulate in Thailand then it would be best to call them before you pay them a visit. The details are below but there is no map for the area.

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Cypriot Consulate in Thailand

Note that this is an honorary consulate in Thailand. If you need more information then contact the Honorary Consulate in Bangkok for more information. There is no map for the location of this consulate so call them if you need to see them.

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Embassy of Finland in Thailand

The Finnish Embassy in Bangkok Thailand serves all Finnish nationals visiting or expats in Thailand in matters within the scope of the Consular Services Act. The embassy also helps Finnish citizens with such matters as securing passports and other official documents, assists those in distress and offers assistance with legal issues concerning military service, citizenship or notarial services.

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Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok

If need assistance in Thailand as a Mongolian citizen then the embassy will be able to assist you. If you are wanting to visit Mongolia on holiday or a longer stay then speak tot he staff at the Mongolian Embassy about a visa for Mongolia. The Embassy is best reached from the BTS Asok Station or the MRT Sukhumvit Station and taking a taxi from there.

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Gambian Embassy in Thailand

The Consulate-General of the Republic of the Gambia is located on Song Wat Road in Samphanthawong district of Bangkok. Please contact the consulate for detailed information regarding departmental and appointment times. Note there are no mass transit stations in the area and you would have to take a taxi to the Consulate.

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Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand

If you need a visa for Vietnam then you can ask at the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok for assistance. Many teachers in Thailand who move to Vietnam apply for the initial visa at the Embassy. You can also obtain assistance from the Embassy as a Vietnamese national in Thailand. Note the map to the Embassy and their telephone number, street address and other contact numbers. The Embassy is located not far for the Aetas Hotel and Novotel Hotel in Bangkok a walk from the BTS Ratchadamri Station in Bangkok. It is also not far from the US Embassy in Bangkok Thailand.

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Belize Embassy in Thailand

The Belize Embassy is Bangkok, Thailand and we have listed the contact details and also the telephone numbers, map and also their street address. If you need to know about a Thai visa then you can email them or you can also simply contact them about renewing your passport or registering your marriage, death or a Belize citizen or birth.

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Portugal Embassy in Thailand

If you need consular assistance as a Portuguese national then you can seek help at the Portuguese Embassy in Bangkok. Their contact details have been listed below with a map to the Embassy. Note their operating hours before you go and as always it is best to send them an email with your questions so you know what to bring.

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Argentinian Embassy in Bangkok

If are are from Argentina then you can find the Argentinian Embassy in Thailand located in Bangkok as listed below. If you need assistance in Thailand with marriage registration, birth or death registration then the Argentinian Embassy in Bangkok will be able to assist you. Note the operating hours in Thailand and also the address for the Embassy. We have also included a map to the embassy.

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