Buriram Province

This is the Buriram Province and you can also find the Buriram Thai Immigration contact details on here as well. Welcome to Buri Ram, the “City of Happiness” or “Peaceful City,” located in the lower part of the Northeastern region, about 410 km from Bangkok.

Buriram Province

This province is a treasure trove of archaeological discoveries. Likewise revealing evidence of prehistoric human habitation and ancient ruins from the Dvaravati period (6th-11th centuries C.E.). Among the most significant historical findings are over 60 sandstone sanctuaries scattered throughout the area. Additionally, important Khmer pottery kiln sites, dating back to the 10th-13th centuries, have been unearthed. Buri Ram is renowned for its abundant sandstone sanctuaries built by the Khmer Kingdom at Angkor, including Phanom Rung, considered Thailand’s most stunning Khmer monument.

Buri Ram is a land of volcanoes and ancient Khmer civilization sites. Likewise, making it a significant historical tourist attraction. To highlight its rich cultural heritage, the province is also known for its crafts, such as silk and Na Pho Mudmee (ikat). Modern attractions include a popular football stadium and a motorsport race track, drawing many tourists. See also the Chaiyaphum Province on here as well as Sukhothai Province.

The town and province of Buri Ram offer an excellent opportunity to experience authentic rural Thai life. Immerse yourself in the no-frills Thai country culture or the genuine Isan city atmosphere. While the town itself may have limited attractions and activities, the provincial countryside is filled with ancient ruins. Although many of these ruins are mere rubble, they include the well-preserved Khmer sanctuary of Phanom Rung. This temple is one of the best-preserved Angkorian temples in Southeast Asia and a premier destination for witnessing sunrises and sunsets when the sun aligns with the temple’s doorways.

Explore Buri Ram, where the past meets the present, and discover a land rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.




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