Thai Immigration – Head Office

This is the Thai Immigration – Head Office which is no longer used by Westerners but only for those in neighboring countries. Firstly this is Thai Immigration Suan Plu, The head office of Thai immigration in Bangkok is located Soi Suan Plu in Sathorn. This is also where the IDC (Immigration Detention Center) is located. A few years ago this was where you would do your visa extensions however all of this has now Moved to the Government Complex.

Thai Immigration – Head Office

Note that the Head Office now only deals only for migrant workers of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and LaosIf you are looking to extend you visa or do your 90 day reporting then you have to contact Thai Immigration Bangkok for this which is located in Chaengwattana road. See the page on Thai Immigration in Chaengwattana for more details on applying for your Thai visa. This or extending your Thai visa while in Thailand. This can be a retirement visa or a marriage visa.

The IDC is still located at Suan Plu which is the immigration holding cells for those who have overstayed their visa. These people at Suan Plu are those who are waiting for either a court appearance or to be deported from Thailand. For normal crime these person will be kept in the holding cells of the police station where the crime was committed. Immigration offences end up at the IDC. The immigration detention center is on the back end of Thai immigration in Suan Plu. 

Thai Immigration - Head Office

Thai Immigration Suan Plu

Firstly if you have been arrested in Thailand for overstaying your visa, then you will need to seek legal assistance. There are a number of expat law firms in thailand that can assist. You will need to have your ticket out of the country to your home country after you had appeared in immigration court. You are allowed to get fresh clothing in before they depart you. When the day comes for your flight, they will allow you to wash and dress in your new clothing. They will then escort you handcuffed to the airport and will only uncuff you once you are inside the airplane. Finally and more likely than not you will be banned from Thailand, depending on how long you have overstayed.

Address: Immigration Office 507 Soi Suan Plu Sathorn Bangkok
Fax: 0-2287-1516, 0-2287-1310
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)

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