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Prenuptial Agreements

Not being an expert in Thai contract law I decided to look at what effect is given to prenuptial agreements in Thailand. I found that generally speaking, so long as the Prenuptial agreement is registered at the time of the marriage the courts in Thailand will uphold the agreement.

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Which US Visa to use in Thailand

The CR-1/IR-1 (CR-1 if married less than two years, IR-1 if married more than two years to your Thai Spouse) visa is an immigrant visa, the holder of which is lawfully admitted for permanent residence immediately upon arrival in the United States.

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Advance Parole

Advance Parole gives a Thai fiancée the right to re-enter the United States on a K-1 Visa after leaving the country. This is important because your fiancée cannot leave the country on a K-1 Visa and return without obtaining this crucial travel document.

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K1 Visa Process

Before getting into the K-1 process I would always advise obtaining competent legal advice from a licensed American attorney. Thailand can be very difficult to start the process however thousands have completed the process without many problems.

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