Fang Thai Immigration

The Fang Thai Immigration office has been added below. It is on a small side street and you can see the Google map below as well as a picture of the side street. They will be able to assist you and point you in the right direction if there is a problem with your visa.

Fang Thai Immigration

In the process of notifying an extended stay within the Kingdom for over 90 days, there are various avenues to follow. These procedures are outlined below, each offering flexibility and convenience for foreigners in compliance.

Initially, the foreigner has the option to carry out the notification in person. Alternatively, the foreigner can grant authorization to another individual to complete the notification on their behalf. Additionally, the possibility of sending the notification through registered mail is also available. Timing plays a pivotal role in the process. The notification needs to be submitted within a specific time frame – either 15 days prior to or within 7 days following the culmination of the 90-day period. Likewise also see the Amphur in Chiang Mai as well as the Thai Immigration in Chiang Mai.

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that the initial application for an extension of stay serves the dual purpose of constituting the notification for having stayed within the Kingdom for a period exceeding 90 days. Likewise in a digital age, the convenience of the internet comes into play. The foreigner has the option to conduct the notification through online means, adding to the accessibility and ease of the procedure. Lastly also see the Mae Sariang Immigration office on here.


Fang Thai Immigration


Fang Immigration Checkpoint

15/5 Moo 4, Tumbol Vieng, Amphoe Fang, Changwat Chiang Mai 50110

Tel: 0-5345-3131


Tourist Visa Extension

When assessing eligibility for an extended stay in Thailand, certain criteria come into play. To provide a clearer understanding of the requirements. In addition the following sections outline the distinct scenarios along with the necessary documents to be submitted. Transitioning seamlessly between these sections facilitates a comprehensive grasp of the procedure.

  1. Tourist Visa Holders:
    • Likewise individuals must possess a granted tourist visa (TOURIST).
    • Exclusion applies to nationalities designated by the Immigration Bureau committee. Notably, for specific nationalities like Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, Togo, Nigeria, and Uganda, extension permits won’t exceed 7 days.

Required Documentation:

  • Application form TM.7 (in-person submission).
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Recent 4 x 6 cm. photograph (within the last 6 months).
  • Application fee: 1,900 Baht.

Lastly see the Thai Immigration Forms on here.


Fang Thai Immigration
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