Mae Sariang Immigration

The  Mae Sariang Immigration in located in the Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand very close to the Myanmar border. For more information regarding Thai Immigration in Thailand, you can find the contact details both while you are in Thailand or abroad.

Mae Sariang Immigration

These up-to-date contact details are provided by the department and are especially valuable for addressing inquiries that the Thai Embassy may not be equipped to handle. Whether you are in Thailand or beyond its borders, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. You can easily get in touch with them during your stay in Thailand, or alternatively, you can pay a visit to their offices. This additional resource can offer you comprehensive insights about your Thai visa, as well as guide you through the complexities of immigration to Thailand. See also Thai Immigration

Mae Sariang Immigration Map

Mae Sariang Immigration


Thai Immigration Mae Sariang Immigration

Mae Sariang –239 105, Mae Sariang, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son 58110

Phone: 053 612106

Fax:   053681339


The Mae Sariang Immigration Office (Police) is situated within the district in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. A notable reference point in the vicinity is Tambon Mae Sariang. If you need to get in touch with the Mae Sariang Immigration Office, you can reach them at the contact number +6653681339. Likewise also see the Thai Immigration Mae Hong Son as well as the Amphur in Chiang Mai.

The areas around Mae Sariang are characterized by their mountainous and forested terrain. However, flat land suitable for population or agriculture is quite scarce. Within the local population of Mae Sariang, a diverse range of origins can be found. The predominant ethnicity in the lowland plain, town center, and the satellite villages along the river is Tai Yuan.

Likewise also known as Northern Thai or Lanna people. This with a history of cross-marriage with other ethnic groups. Alongside them, Tai Yai or Shan people can also be found in the town center. All being among the initial settlers in the region. Adding to the tapestry of the town’s inhabitants, there is a notable presence of Red Karen and Karen descendants. Particularly concentrated in the Christian quarter of the town. Lastly also see the Amphur in Pattani on this webiste as well as the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.




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