Thai Immigration in Mukdahan

See the details for Thai Immigration in Mukdahan. Mukdahan immigration can assist you with 90 day reporting, visa extension such as a Thai tourist visa. Thai Immigration in Mukdahan can also extend a retirement visa or extend a Thai marriage visa while in Mukdahan. The office contact details are below with their opening hours.

Thai Immigration in Mukdahan

If you have any question then you can email them or call them for an answer. Mukdahan is a province in northeastern Thailand, located near the border with Laos. It is known for its scenic beauty, rich culture, and interesting history. The province is home to several temples and historical sites, as well as parks and natural attractions. The most popular tourist activities include visiting the Phu Phrabat Historical Park, exploring the local markets and street food, and trying traditional Thai massages. See also Immigration in Chiang Mai.

You can extend your Thai visa at the Mukdahan immigration office. Search this website to see what the process is. You will need to meet all the requirements as well as the financial requirements. If you are a tourist then its 1,900 THB for a 30 day extension for the tourist visa. The are a few expats who live in the region of Mukdahan who are all retired. Its a peaceful city that attracts many expats and those who retire with their Thai wife. Use the search bar to find more information on the areas as well as the immigration process.

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Details for Thai Immigration in Mukdahan

333 Moo 7, Amphoe Mueang Mukdahan

Phone: 042 674 072
Opening Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday

Service Area:  Mukdahan

Thai Immigration in Mukdahan


Your 90 Day Reporting can also be done here if you cant do it online. The first 90 report on a new passport or for the first extension is always going to be done in person. After the first 90 day report you can then complete the process online again. Remember this when you passport is full and you transfer your visa to the new passport. Also don’t forget to bring your letter from the Embassy for the visa transfer. The Thai Retirement Visa is the most common visa in this area. See als other offices such as Immigration in Krabi as well as Immigration in Pattaya. This where many tourists and expats tend to gather.


Checkpoints Friendship Bridge 2
Tel : 042-674-043

Check Point Jetty Mueang Municipality
Tel : 042-611-994

Immigration Detention
Tel : 042-674-041



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