Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon

The office of Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon is listed below with a map to the immigration office. This immigration office can assist you extend your Thai visa such as a tourist visa and also a Thai O-A visa or marriage visa for Thailand. See their telephone number below with their email address.

Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon

Note that you can apply for your visa extension anywhere in Thailand. However it has to be where you live as you have to give them a map to your house or apartment in Thailand. Each immigration office has its own way of the visa extension and the visa extension process listed on this website is the way Thai Immigration in Pattaya does it. The sequence may be different for each local immigration office.

Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon map

Some want a medical certificate for a Thai marriage visa

. The has now been stopped and no longer applicable. What is new is that if you hold a passport from an African country you will now need annual fingerprints from Thai police in Bangkok. This while others don’t as this is normally for a Thai O-A visa and not a Thai O visa. Check with the local immigration office in the area where you are going to be living what their procedures are for the extension.

Accordingly the immigration process has now become very predictable as everything has been standardised over the years. Thai Immigration in Nakhon Pathom, Thai Immigration in Nakhon Ratchasima. This as well as Thai Immigration Nakhon Sawan are all the same like the rest. Many years back each office had their own ideas as to implementing the immigration procedures. That has now been gone for many years since this was originally written.

Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon


Details for Thai Immigration in Sakon Nakhon

Address : 239 Moo 3 Samran Subdistrict, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province 40000

Tel: 043 424 214





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