Thai Visa Abuse

Firstly the Thai visa run and Thai visa abuse has come to an end. The Bangkok Post has reported today that two high ranking Thai immigration officials have been moved to inactive posts. This after being tied to irregularities in a visa run service advertised online. Finally the officers are from Thai Immigration in Sa Kaeo and also a senior officer from Thai Immigration Division 3.

Thai Visa Abuse

Firstly the official transfers follows an investigation by Thai Immigration. This into an online advertisement which involved visa run services in Thailand. The service provider had claimed in the advert. That they could have visas renewed without the need to leave the country. This comes after Thai immigration has started to clamp down on visa abuse in Thailand again this month. The crackdown is on those who live in Thailand on a visa waiver and the main perpetrators have been the Koreans. South Koreans are allowed to enter Thailand for 90 days. This without a visa and they have been using this to run businesses in Thailand illegally.

Firstly always ensure that you have the correct visa such as a tourist visa if you are on holiday in Thailand. This or a Thai marriage visa if you are married to a Thai national. Finally  there is a Thai retirement visa if you are over the age of 50 and can meet the financial requirements.

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