K3 Visa in Thailand

Essentially the K3 Visa in Thailand was designed as a fast alternative to the immigrant visas (IR1/CR1). K3’s are a non-immigrant visa so one cannot stay indefinitely in the United States on one of these visas. For the Thai/American couple looking to immigrate to the USA, the K-3 is a good choice if time is of the essence.

K3 Visa in Thailand

The K-3 generally takes about 8 months. Where the immigrant visas take about one year from submission of visa application to obtainment of the visa. What this means is that you can have 4 month’s off of the time. It will take you to get your Thai wife into the US.

Other Aspects of the K3 Visa

The K-3 Visa is a two year visa so, unlike a K1 fiancée visa, your Thai spouse will have plenty of time to obtain a green card. The K-3 visa is also a multiple reentry visa so your Thai wife can come and go from the country. This without having to worry that her visa will be revoked. A Thai spouse can also obtain a work permit on the K3 visa so that she can get a job.

The only major downside to a K3 visa for a Thai wife. Nay be that she doesn’t enter the United States as a permanent resident. On an IR1 visa or a CR-1 the Thai spouse would come into the US as a permanent resident (green card holder).

But with a K3 it is a non-immigrant category so she will have to adjust status once in the United States (for more on IR-1 and CR-1 Visas for a Thai spouse.  The work of obtaining permanent residence in the US is “back-loaded”. With the K-3 Visa and essentially put off until arrival in the United States. But with the 2 year duration of the K-3 visa the pace for obtaining a green card for your Thai husband or wife can be more leisurely than with other visas.

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