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Advance Parole

Advance Parole gives a Thai fiancée the right to re-enter the United States on a K-1 Visa after leaving the country. This is important because your fiancée cannot leave the country on a K1 Visa. Then return without obtaining this crucial travel document.

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K3 Visa in Thailand

Essentially the K3 Visa in Thailand was designed as a fast alternative to the immigrant visas (IR1/CR1). K3’s are a non-immigrant visa so one cannot stay indefinitely in the United States on one of these visas. For the Thai/American couple looking to immigrate to the USA, the K-3 is a good choice if time is of the essence.

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Register a Marriage

If you married in Thailand then your have to register the marriage in Thailand. This is the Thai marriage registration process. As a foreigner you need a obtain a few things as the process for marriage registration in Thailand is very simple. The first process starts with your local Embassy in Thailand. We have listed a number of them on this website. What you need from them is a ‘letter of no impediment’ which states that you are single and can get married in Thailand.

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