Amphur in Pattani

Amphur in PattaniWhere is the Amphur in Pattani? Pattani, also known as Pattani Malay, is a region in southern Thailand. Pattani is one of Thailand’s four regiments; it is the most populous Muslim regimental district in Thailand. The other three regiments are Yala, Narathiwat, and Satun. The census reported that 88% of the population are Muslims, according to their Malay ancestry. Most people are able to speak the Pattani Malay language, but are able to speak Thai as well.

Amphur in Pattani

The independent nature of Pattani has been clearly evident since ancient times. Pattani province is divided into 12 districts also called an amphoe, which are further divided into 115 sub-districts which is also called a tambon and 629 villages which in Thailand is called a muban). The districts of Chana , Thepa and Saba Yoi  were detached from Pattani and transferred to Songkhla in 1796 by the Siam government. You can also find Thai Immigration in Pattani

as well as learn a thing or two about the Pattani province in Thailand. See also the Amphur in Chanthaburi as well as Chanthaburi province.

Amphoe Kapho , Pattani

Kapho District Office Moo 2 Tambon Karubi Amphoe Kapho Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7349-4099 0-7349-4239
Fax. : 0-7349-4099

Amphoe Khok Pho , Pattani

Khok Pho District Office Moo 7 Tambon Khok Pho Amphoe Khok Pho Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7343-1200
Fax. : 0-7343-1200

Amphoe Thung Yang Daeng , Pattani

Thung Yang Daeng District Office Moo 1 Tambon Talo Maena Amphoe Thung Yang Daeng Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7348-9015
Fax. : 0-7348-9015

Amphoe Panare , Pattani

Panarea District Office Moo. 1, TambonPanare Amphoe Panare Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7349-9015
Fax. : 0-7349-9015

Amphoe Mayo , Pattani

Mayo District Office Yarang-Mayo Road Tambon Mayo Amphoe Mayo Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7349-7015
Fax. : 0-7349-7015
Amphoe Mueang Pattani , Pattani
Muang Pattani District Office Decha Road Tambon Sabarang Amphoe Mueang Pattani Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7334-9709
Fax. : 0-7334-9709

Amphoe Mae Lan , Pattani

Mae Lan District Office Moo 4 Tambon Mae Lan Amphoe Mae Lan Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7335-6101, 0-7333-0350
Fax. : 0-7335-6101

Amphoe Mai Kaen , Pattani

Mai Kaen District Office Moo 1 Tombon Sai Thong Amphoe Mai Kaen Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7348-1015
Fax. : 0-7348-1015

Amphoe Yarang , Pattani

Yarang District Office Sirorot Road TambonYarang Amphoe Yarang Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7343-9222
Fax. : 0-7343-9222

Amphoe Yaring , Pattani

Yaring District Office Moo. 1 Ram Komut Road TambonYamu AmphoeYaring Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7349-1093
Fax. : 0-7349-1093

Amphoe Sai Buri , Pattani

Sai Buri District Office Luk Suea Road Tambon Taluban Amphoe Sai Buri Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7341-1008
Fax. : 0-7341-1405

Amphoe Nong Chik , Pattani

Nong Chik District Office Moo 1 TombonTuyong Amphoe Nong Chik Changwat Pattani
Tel. : 0-7343-7032
Fax. : 0-7343-7032,0-7343-7100
There are a number of provinces in Thailand and you will need to register your marriage where you are residing. See also the articles on the Amphur in Krabi as well as the Amphur in Nonthaburi where many expats in Thailand live.
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