Thaburi is a quiet little town in eastern Bangkok. It’s located in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok and is known for its beautiful scenery, temples and delicious food. At first glance, Thaburi doesn’t seem all that different from other Thai towns. However, a closer look reveals a number of interesting features.

Phra Athanon Buddhist temple is a popular tourist attraction in Nonthaburi. The temple is easily spotted from the road and has tall, ornate gold roofs. Inside the temple, you’ll find many statues of Buddha and graceful statuary. For those with limited time, a guided tour through this temple is worth doing- it’s very manageable on a smart phone app. You can also see Nonthaburi immigration on this website.

Nonthaburi immigration

There are several attractions for children in Nonthaburi. One such attraction is the zoo, which houses over 200 animals from around the world. There are also several gardens and nature trails where you can view local flora and fauna. The local school also has an impressive playground complete with swings, slides and a sandbox. Visitors to Thaburi should definitely take time to see the local zoo for children; it’s great fun for both kids and adults! There are also a number of Amphur office in Nonthaburi. These include the following if you are going to register your marriage.

Expats living in Thaburi often speak highly of the food in their town. Although Thai cuisine is typical across much of Thailand, locals love to experiment with new recipes using regional ingredients. Not far from Phra Athanon Buddhist temple lies Wat Paknam Yaiyamathan, one of Thaburi’s most famous restaurants. This restaurant specializes in fish dishes but also serves delicious pork dishes from central Thailand.

Each dish comes with a side of traditional Thai curry sauce known as khao kling . Both the fish dishes and pork dishes are extremely popular among Thaburan residents. If you are going to get married in Thailand and want to register your marriage in Thailand then you will need to contact the Amphur in Nonthaburi .  You will then be able to apply for a Marriage visa for Thailand at immigration when you are done.




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