There are several attractions in and around Kanchanaburi for both tourists and locals alike. First, there’s the famous War Crippled Veterans Museum, which tells the story of how this area became famous for treating war amputees. Next, there’s the Hellfire Pass Museum. This which tells the story of an American pilot who landed here during WWII and was captured by Thai soldiers. Other popular sights include Khong Chiam Cave and Khong Chiam Fall.


Both have historical significance as they were used in ancient Khmer culture as shrines. People also come here to see the natural wonders inside the caves. The Khong Chiam waterfall is also known as The Golden Gate. This because it looks like a statue of a man with one arm raised in victory. You can also use Thai Immigration in Kanchanaburi if you live in the area for your 90 day reporting or marriage visa renewal in the area.

Kanchanaburi also has many historical sites, including Wat Phanan Choompheng and Wat Ratchadamnoen Park. The former is a Buddhist temple that houses a sacred Buddha image known as Phitthang Boromathattha Maha Balangetseua. It’s also where Thailand’s king holds his coronation ceremony every 12 years. One highlight at Wat Ratchadamnoen Park is Wat Ratchathani Maha Prathubkana Braman Victory Tower – one of Thailand’s oldest temples. It’s also where Thailand’s king crowns his crown princes once every 12 years. If you are Irish then you will need to see the Irish Embassy in Bangkok Thailand which is a few hours outside of Kanchanaburi. See also the Amphur in Kanchanaburi as well.

Although it used to be called ‘The Suicide Capital,’. Kanchanaburi has managed to bounce back from its sad past. This to become one of Thailand’s most beloved destinations nowadays. Thanks to its history with amputees and its natural beauty. This this town is perfect for anyone looking for something different from their trip to Thailand. For more information on what to see in Kanchanaburi or other areas of Thailand such as Krabi and Ranong with Chanthaburi. See also the Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand.



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