One of Thailand’s southern provinces is called Pattani. The neighboring provinces are Narathiwat, Yala, and Songkhla (clockwise from the southeast). The town of Pattani serves as its capital. The Gulf of Thailand shoreline is to the north of Pattani, which is located on the Malay Peninsula. The Sankalakhiri mountain range, which borders Yala and Narathiwat and contains Budo-Su-ngai Padi National Park, dominates the south. 110 km2 (42 sq mi) or 5.6 percent of the province’s total land is covered by forests. See the Thailand visa if you want to visit Thailand.


In addition, most residents of urban areas are concentrated around Pattani’s capital city, Yala. Approximately half of Yala’s population is urbanized, and this includes both permanent urban dwellers and itinerant artisans and merchants.

Thai Immigration in Pattani photoAmong Thailand’s natural wonders, Pattani undoubtedly ranks among its most beautiful areas as well. Pattani is located on the Malay Peninsula, close to the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The Sankalakhiri mountain range sits south of the landmass. Along the border with Yala and Narathiwat, Budo-Su-ngai Padi National Park falls within the range. The park, which is 42 square meters or 110 square kilometers, or about 5.6 percent of the Cambodian province of area. historically, the Malay Sultanate of Patani Darul Makrif used Pattani province as its center.

This state was a tributary of Siam for centuries, until it was conquered in 1786. Since then, Siam has administered Patani. The treaty negotiated by the British Burney involved Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu. It also involved the Patani provinces, which were separated into seven smaller provinces after Siamese rule began. These were Nhongchik, Raman, Ra-ngae, Saiburi, Yala and Yaring in 1906.

After regrouping, these four provinces were considered two larger provinces – Patani and Yala – in 1906.. See also the location of the Thai Immigration in Pattani

where you can register your wedding while in Thailand. You will then also be able to apply for a “O” visa in Thailand. You will also be able to change your visa from a tourist visa to a marriage visa.

See the amphur in Pattani and their contact details. Although much less known than other popular regions like Bangkok or Koh Samui, Pattani is certainly no less spectacular than those areas either. Ultimately, anyone interested in discovering another facet of traditional Thai culture should consider visiting Pattani! See also the Krabi province on here.




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