Nong Khai

The Nong Khai province lies in the valley of the Mae Nam Kong (Mekong River), which doubles as the border with Laos. To the south, there are highlands. Only 7.1 percent of the provincial area is covered in forests, totaling 233 km2 (90 sq mi). Nong Khai, the provincial capital, is just 25 kilometers (16 mi) away from Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The First Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge, linking the two countries, was jointly built by Thailand, Laos, and Australia and was opened in 1994.

Nong Khai

When it comes to getting around the city, the only option for public transport is tuk-tuks. They’re pretty affordable, usually costing around 20-30 baht per person to anywhere in the city center. Some tuk-tuk drivers might ask for more, but you can negotiate with them for a lower price. Just smile, be patient, and polite, or simply walk a bit. This until you find a roaming tuk-tuk, which tends to be cheaper. This trick of walking a short distance can sometimes be the only way to get a fair price, especially when coming from Laos to the Friendship Bridge. Likewise many expats use the Thai Immigration in Nong Khai. Lastly also see the Thai Marriage Visa on here.

Traveling to or from the Friendship Bridge might cost more, especially for tourists, sometimes reaching over 70 baht if you’re the only passenger. But the normal price is usually between 40-50 baht. See also the Khon Kaen province as well as the Loei.

Exploring Nong Khai and its surroundings is best done by motorbike or bicycle. Some guesthouses and rental places offer bicycles for around 50 baht per day. Likewise motorbikes for about 200 baht per day. You can often negotiate lower prices for longer rentals. Look for the rental stand outside the Mut Mee Guesthouse or at Limmaneemotor on Meechai Rd. It’s recommended to check out the one on Meechai Rd first, as their motorbikes are better, and the staff there are very friendly. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your passport if you plan to rent one. For longer-term rentals, the prices are quite cheap (around 1,500 baht per month for a Honda Dream 125 semi-auto and about 2,000 baht per month for a Honda Scoopy).

Likewise the main railway station in Nong Khai is Nong Khai railway station. It serves as the endpoint of the Upper Northeastern Railway Line within Thailand. The nearest airport is Udon Thani International Airport, located 56 km away from Nong Khai.

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