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Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand

Note the contact details for the Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand which has been listed below. If you need consular assistance from the consulate in Thailand then it would be best to call them before you pay them a visit. The details are below but there is no map for the area.

Note that there is no Embassy in Thailand and you will need to use the Ecuadorian Embassy in Malaysia if you need assistance of a diplomatic nature. There is a consulate in Thailand in the Yanawa area of Bangkok so you can call them for assistance. Note the telephone numbers below for both the consulate and the embassy.



Ecuador Embassy , Thailand

Wisma Selangor Dredging
10th Floor, West Block
142-C Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
Website URL:


Ecuadorian Consulate in Thailand

Pakpanang Coldstorage Co., Ltda
103 Soi Ruammitr, Nonsse Road, Yanawa,


City: Bangkok

Phone: (00662)-295 1991 Ext. 343

Fax: (00662)-295 2009

Email: yongar@loxinfo.co.th