Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand

If you are from Bangladesh then you can find the Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand in Bangkok. We have listed the contact details for the embassy below with a map and also the telephone numbers and email address. Note that they can assist you in Thailand if you have problems with marriage, death or birth registration.

Bangladeshi Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand

Note that the embassy is far from the BTS station and the closest is the BTS Asok Station from where you can take a taxi to the Embassy. The Embassy is close to the Tai Ping Tower building. See also the Register a Marriage as well as the Cambodian Embassy in Thailand as well.

Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand

Details of Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand

Address : 47/8, Ekamai Soi 30 Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

City: Bangkok

Phone: +66 (0)2 390 5107 to 8

Fax: +66 (0)2 390 5106


Office Hours: 09.00-17.00

Bangladeshi Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • 161/65, Business Green Plus Mall 3, Chiang Mai Business Park
  • Soi 5 Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200


Tel: 0 5321 2373 / 0 5321 2374
Fax: 0 5322 3524


Office Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 (Monday – Friday)

Honorary Consul-General


Application process for a new Passport

New born/children of Bangladeshi nationals living in Thailand/Cambodia may apply for new passport (MRP) subject to having birth registration number (BRN).

An MRP contains 48 pages and shall remain valid for 5 (five) years.

New MRP applicants are requested to read the following carefully.

Requirement for MRP

To obtain MRP, primarily an applicant must possess either of the two following documents:

  1. Bangladesh National ID (NID) card;
  2. Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN).

The Embassy reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage of MRP service delivery process.

However, if the applicants are not in possession of Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit birth registration number, they may arrange to get it from their respective City Corporations/ Municipalities/ Union Parishads in Bangladesh. For the children born in Thailand/Cambodia online application can be made to the Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand.

Procedure for Obtaining MRP

To apply for MRP, an applicant needs to follow the steps stated below:

Step-1: First time applicants for MRP should submit online application through Online Application for Bangladesh Machine Readable Passport(BGDMRP) – Home and take a printout of the submitted form online.

Important Note: After submission of application online, an applicant must contact the Embassy for making an appointment within 15 days of online submission, failing to do so will cause automatic removal of the applicant’s record from the system.

Step-2: Pay the applicable fee by bank transfer to the Embassy Account.

Embassy Bank account details are available. Payment of the fee is also possible by debit/credit card at the Embassy counter or depositing cash at the bank physically.

Step-3: Submission of MRP application form and relevand documents to the Embassy

Please seek an appointment (by calling the Embassy or by email to for submission of passport application to the Bangladeshi Embassy in Thailand.

The applicant shall come to the Embassy in person along with the existing original passport for submission of MRP application, taking photograph and for providing biometric data.

The applicant must submit the following to get MRP:

– Duly filled-in online MRP Application;

– A photocopy of his/her National ID card or Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN) containing 17-digit;

– Copies of information pages of applicant’s existing Bangladesh Passport (valid or expired);

– If applicant is a child under the age of 15, copies of information pages of applicant’s parents’ Bangladesh Passport;

– Proof of payment of applicable fees;

A passport-size photograph (55mmx45mm). If the applicant is a child under the age of 15, parents’ photos are required to be appended on the application form. In certain cases, either of the parent’s photos would be accepted.

Certification/Attestation at page-4 of the MRP application form (for the first time applicants): Embassy will certify/attest.

Step-4: Biometric Enrolment Process

Applicant’s finger prints, signature in electronic pad and photograph will be captured at the bio-enrolment room of the Embassy. Once completed, existing Bangladesh Passport of the applicant will be returned along with the delivery slip where the tentative date of delivery will be mentioned.

After the bio-enrolment, all data and scanned application form along with other documents will be sent electronically to the Department of Immigration & Passport in Dhaka where, after due process, MRP will be issued. It will then be sent to the Embassy for delivery to the applicant.

Step-5: Delivery of passport

After completion of the enrolment process, the applicant will be given a tentative date of delivery of MRP. Average processing time at the Department of Immigration & Passport in Dhaka for express delivery and regular delivery of passports is 15 days and 30 days respectively.

Embassy will contact the applicant once his/her passport is ready for delivery. In case of not receiving any call from Embassy, applicants may contact the Embassy by email ( on or after tentative delivery date. Upon confirmation from the Embassy, the applicant shall need to come to the Embassy in person along with his or her old Bangladesh Passport and delivery slip. New MRP will be handed over along with the old passport (with observation or cancellation seal) after taking signature on the acknowledgement of receipt.

Note: Along with the MRP, the Embassy will issue a letter addressed to the immigration authority of Thailand/Cambodia recommending visa/stay permit for the passport holder.

If the applicant is unable to come personally to receive the MRP, he/she may send a representative with signed authorization.

Processing Time & Fees*

Delivery type Processing fee (Baht) Processing time
MRP-Regular 3,685 40-45 days
MRP-Express 7,370 21-28 days

* Mission receives fees in equivalent Thai Baht only. 2.3% additional charge is applicable, if paid by debit/credit card.

MRP for students

Following rates will be applicable for Bangladeshi students studying in Thailand/Cambodia:

Delivery type Processing fee (Baht)** Processing time
MRP-Regular 1,105 40-45 days
MRP-Express 3,685 21-28 days

* Mission receives fees in Thai Baht only.

** Students are entitled to get MRP at a concession rate. To avail this opportunity, students must present a valid student’s ID and submit a copy of it along with the application form and other documents.  In case a student does not have a valid student ID, a letter (with reference number) from his/her institution can also be accepted. It is mandatory to provide Student ID number for concessional rate else a student applicant will have to pay regular fees.

MRP for New Born Baby

Bangladeshi parents, who want to get MRP for their new born baby, have to follow the following procedures:

  • Apply for Birth Registration and get the Birth Registration Number (BRN) from this Embassy as this is mandatory to get MRP.
  • After getting BRN, steps for MRP stated above should be followed. It may be noted that Child’s presence is necessary for MRP.
  • Copies of the parent’s Bangladesh passport and local (Thailand/ Cambodia) Birth Certificate (original as well as photocopy) of the child has to be brought while submitting the MRP application form.



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