Thai Immigration Bangkok

Note that the offices of Thai Immigration in Bangkok located in Chaengwattana is where you need to go for a visa extension or renewal. You can also do your 90 day reporting at their offices on Chaengwattana road. This is a very busy immigration office so it is best to go early.

Thai Immigration Bangkok

On average your visa extension can take between 4-6 hours to complete on an average day. The 90 day reporting will take about 1 hour to complete on average (note the new location for that). Traffic on Chaengwattana road is a nightmare so don’t go late as the road gets bumper to bumper traffic very early. You can extend your tourist visa at their offices or you can also extend your Thai marriage visa or Thai retirement visa at their offices. This process takes about 3 weeks to complete if you have all your documents completed. Below are the contact details for Thai immigration in Bangkok.

For those who wish to extend their retirement visa or marriage visa. If you have a passport from any African country (South Africa to Libya) you will need to ensure that you have your fingerprints and criminal record check from Thai Special Branch Police. It normally take 3 weeks to get your finger prints back from them as immigration will want this or they will not renew or extend your visa without it. (This is new and started in 2019)

If you are trying to extend you Thai tourist visa then the taxi driver will understand “Thai immigration Chang Wattana”. Its a very tonal language but that pronunciation they can understand. If you are looking for someone that has been arrested for a visa overstay then it will not be here. You will need to check Thai immigration in Suan Plu also (Pronounced Swan Plew) which is where the IDC (Immigration Detention Centre) is located.

Thai Immigration Bangkok map

Extension of Marriage Visa

If you are going to extend you marriage visa then you will need all the correct documents. You will need a signed copy of your marriage certificate. Both versions if you registered your marriage in Thailand. Also a copy of your bank account, bank book and a letter from the bank showing your 400,000 THB in a thai bank account for the required period of time. Also a hand drawn drawing of a map to your house and condo.

Photos of you and your spouse together at home, inside and outside. Include a photo in front of your house showing the door with the number on. Also a photo outside to show where it is located. The building might be close to a 711 or another landmark. Also the last time you had been reported by the landlord of living there. As stated above, if you have a passport from africa, then your fingerprints pages and letter from Special Branch police has to be included.

Extension of Retirement Visa

Firstly see the page on retirement in Thailand and the retirement visa application.


Thai Immigration Bangkok

Note the building, as it is the very last building at the end of road. The others look the same as well. so just keep heading to the end when the road turns right or left. That’s the end and its the building you see.

Address: Chaloem Phrakiat Government Complex, Chaeng Watthana Road, Lak Si District, Bangkok
Tel: 0 2141 9889
Fax: 0 2143 8228
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)

If you are looking for immigration forms then see the other website.



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