Khon Kaen

The two north-south main roads, Na Muang and Klang Muang, which run east and parallel to the Friendship Highway, are good options for getting around the city. There are also two principal east-west thoroughfares: Srichan Road and Prachasamosorn Road, which go from east to the city of Kalasin and from west to the airport and other small towns accessible by Highway 12.

Khon Kaen District

With 1.8 million residents and a GDP of 190 billion baht in 2017, Khon Kaen province. Its Smart City development plan intends to quadruple its GDP per person. This from an average of roughly 192,000 baht in 2016 to 394,000-493,000 baht by 2029. The 12th National Social and Economic Blueprint of Thailand incorporates Khon Kaen’s plan (2017-2021).

You can also see the Thai Immigration in Khon Kaen if you live in the area where you can complete your 90 Day Reporting.

Thai Immigration in Khon Kaen

The natural beauty of the district makes it an ideal place for both domestic and international tourism. Khon Kaen’s universities also produce many professionals. They contribute to domestic tourism as well as international trade with China and other Asian countries. See also the Amphur in Khon Kaen for more information if you are getting married.

Based on these considerations, it is an ideal destination for either domestic or international tourism- it is both a historically significant city and an abundant natural wonderland. Khon Kaen’s municipality was created on August 20, 1935, and it covers a territory of 4 km2. On September 24, 1995, it was promoted to a city municipality. Currently, the city’s administration is in charge of 66,179 residents and an area measuring roughly 46 square kilometers. There are 95 villages in total. They are split up into 4 zones, each of which has 20–30 communities. Many Chinese tour the area so ask the Chinese Embassy in Thailand for more information and assistance.



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