Chonburi is a coastal city outside of Bangkok. It is located on the Gulf of Thailand and is part of Greater Bangkok’s metropolitan area. Chonburi is also one of the most populous areas in southern Thailand. It is a major production city for rubber and coconut products. Chonburi is also home to Chonburi University and Chonburi Medical College.


Chonburi’s name comes from ‘chavnoburi,’ which means sea water source. The city was originally a fishing village and became a prominent trade port in the 13th century. Over time, the city grew into a commercial center for southern Thailand Chonburiand neighboring countries. According to the National Geo-Information Database, there are four historical neighborhoods in Chonburi. These include Tha Phae, Tha Tien, Tha Koot, and Tha Sri Sawai. The city has a deep cultural and religious heritage, as evidenced by its temples and many mosques. See what is required to Register a Marriage

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The Special Economic Zone (Chon sezone) brought in new investment and jobs to the area. The development of this SEZ helped transform the area into an attractive commercial hub. It has a modern transportation system, including an international airport and many expressways connecting it to Bangkok. There are also several shopping centers where locals and tourists can shop for goods at discounted prices. There are also many quality restaurants where anyone from all walks of life can eat well at affordable prices. See the Thai Immigration in Pattaya Chonburi if you live in Pattaya as well which is located in the city. The Thai Immigration Si Racha Chonburi is also well known to expats in the area.

In addition to its natural beauty, the province is now a thriving metropolitan area with new commercial projects and job opportunities. The city is now a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches. It’s also becoming a key transportation hub with the construction of the Bang Phra Reesth SEZ and the Krathao Expressway connecting Bangkok to southern Thailand. See also the Amphur in Ranong as well as the Amphur in Chonburi and Amphur in Kanchanaburi for more information. There is also the Amphur in Khon Kaen so see the Khon Kaen District.



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