The natural beauty of the town is evident from a stroll along its many beaches. Punna Koa Beaches – in the west – are labeled as the best beach in Krabi. Other notable beaches include Surin, Takua Pa, and Ao Nang. Khao Lak, a coastal town in the southernmost province of Krabi, is known for its coral reefs. The most famous of these is Turtle Town, where divers can see thousands of green sea turtles swimming around. In addition, wading through lava rocks creates a type of sandstone that tingles the feet when walked on. Overlooking all these sights is a jagged mountain backdrop; it seems as if a painter is out to capture a scene of perfect beauty.

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Krabi’s climate is usually pleasant and sunny. The city enjoys a maritime tropical climate with just enough khumbum (sea salt) in the water to stay cool throughout the summer months. However, there has been some confusion about what this local term means. Some believe that khumbum causes skin problems due to excessive salt build-up on skin and tissue. To Thai Immigration in Krabiavoid this problem, people from the inland provinces traditionally bathe in river water after traveling too long in the salty sea area.

Regardless of these beliefs, locals have decided that cooler weather returns faster than expected after ocean baths.
Based on 2007 data, Krabi City was ranked 22nd out of 102 cities worldwide in terms of visitor numbers. You can also look at the Thai Immigration in Krabi

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According to In that year alone, 3 million people visited Krabi – and more than two-thirds of them were from China and Japan. Other popular nationalities include Thailand and Vietnam, especially those from Hanoi who visit during the ASEAN conferences held there annually. In general, tourism provides large revenues for these coastal provinces. This favorable economic situation makes it easier for residents to buy houses on Ao Nang or Khao Lak Beach Island.

See also the Amphur in Krabi as well which cover the Amphoe Ko Lanta as well as the Amphoe Mueang Krabi. Capturing a sense of perfect natural beauty, artists have captured an impression of Krabisa that many visitors share. Based on visitor feedback. Krabi City offers beautiful natural amenities such as mountains, beaches, and coral reefs, creating a perfect paradise for tourists and natives alike. See also the Amphur in Nonthaburi for comparison.




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