Phetchaburi province is a gem known for its captivating mix of coastal delights and majestic mountains. Nestled not too far from bustling Bangkok, it’s a hotspot for both local adventurers and international travelers. Perched along the northwest coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Phetchaburi shares its border with Myanmar (Burma) to the west. The striking Tanaosri Range acts as a natural barrier between Thailand and Myanmar.


In today’s Ratanakosin Era, Phetchaburi has undergone a transformation into a town of serene beauty. Additionally, adorned with tranquil seaside retreats and lush natural reserves. Its historical significance shines through as well. Three kings of the Ratanakosin Period—King Rama IV, V, and VI—each established their rainy season havens here. These retreats, namely Phranakhonkhiri, Phraramrajanivet, and Phrarajnivesmarugadayawan, have left their mark on the landscape, earning Phetchaburi the moniker “Muang Sam Wang,” the City of the Three Palaces. Likewise also see the Immigration in Phetchaburi details on here.

But the allure of Phetchaburi doesn’t end there. The province boasts a splendid historical park, ancient temples steeped in history, idyllic beaches, and mysterious caves waiting to be explored. For food enthusiasts, Phetchaburi offers a mouthwatering array of local delicacies and freshly caught seafood. Likewise also see the provinces of Loei as well as the provinces of Trang, Krabi as well as Sriracha.

Adding to its charm are the diverse districts within the province. From the vibrant energy of Mueang Phetchaburi to the scenic beauty of Khao Yoi and Nong Ya Plong. Likewise, each district offers a unique experience. Cha-Am stands out as the province’s premier beach destination, drawing visitors with its laid-back atmosphere and sandy shores. Tha Yang, Ban Lat, Ban Laem, and Kaeng Krachan add their own distinct flavors to Phetchaburi’s tapestry. Likewise, inviting travelers to discover the province’s hidden treasures at every turn.

Lastly also see the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand which is located in Bangkok.




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