Phetchaburi Immigration

The visa extension service was excellent and only took about 75 minutes. This even though it was a very busy day after the New Year closure on January 3rd. However, booking an appointment online turned out to be a waste of time. My wife and I had booked two appointments for 20 minutes each at 11:00 and 11:30, but the receptionist told us, “There are a lot of people in front of you,” making our appointments meaningless. Phetchaburi Immigration is moving from Tha Yang to Cha-am.

Phetchaburi Immigration

The new office is set to open on March 20, 2023, aiming to enhance its services and provide better facilities. It will be located near the Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park and promises a more spacious and modern environment compared to the current location. Likewise see also the province of Phetchaburi as well as your Thai retirement visa on here.

Phetchaburi Immigration


Thai Immigration in Phetchaburi

Address: No. 55 Village No. 2, Khao Yai Subdistrict, Cha-am District, Phet Buri, Thailand, 76120

Tel : 032 409 881



Lastly also see the Thai Immigration Mae Hong Son office as well on here. So, despite the expected minor disruption during the relocation, the agency assures the public of minimizing inconvenience for a smooth transition. Now, onto the reviews:

I arrived at 8:45 am on a Tuesday for a 90-day report and re-entry permit, just fifteen minutes after the official opening time. I had filled out the forms beforehand and brought them along. The information officer photocopied my passport pages and issued me a number ticket – mine was 403, printed at 8:55 am.

By 9:00 am, two others were waiting with me, but there seemed to be no staff processing documents yet. Finally, at 9:15 am, an officer sat down at counter 4 and began stamping paperwork. Even though no one had been called up. At 9:23 am, the first person in the queue went up to the counter, likely for an extension, paid, and returned to the waiting area.

As of 9:27 am, the first person was still waiting, while the second person had returned from the counter, possibly for a photo. Meanwhile, three to four more people arrived for services. Immigration officers were seated at counters 2, 3, and 4.

At 9:31 am, I was called up for a photo and to pay 1,000 baht for my re-entry permit before being asked to return to the waiting area. My number, 403, appeared on the screen, and the officer called my name while holding my passport.

Despite this, the two people before me were still waiting at 9:35 am. The officer at counter 4 disappeared into the back office. Finally, at 9:38 am, the information officer returned my processed passport. Likewise along with the other person’s, while the first person was still waiting.

Lastly see also the Sukhothai Immigration as well as the Chachoengsao Immigration office as well.




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