Swiss Embassy in Thailand

The Swiss Embassy in Thailand is located close to the BTS Phloen Chit Station in Bangkok. You can speak to the staff if you wish to take your Thai wife back to Switzerland and need a visa or you can ask them for a letter of no impediment to register your marriage in Thailand. If you are on holiday you can also ask them for consular assistance if you find yourself in difficulty.

Swiss Embassy in Thailand

Firstly there is a map below with their location and also their telephone numbers and street address. If you can find the Novotel Hotel in Bangkok then you will be very close to the Swiss Embassy. Finally if you need a Thai visa then you need to speak to the Thai Embassy in Bern for more details.The Embassy is about 10 minutes walk from Phloen Chit Station in Central Bangkok.

Swiss Embassy in Thailand

Firstly should you have lost your Swiss passport while in Thailand. You will need to contact Thai police to report the loss of your passport. Secondly, once you report the loss of the passport, they will give you a case number, normally on a small card. Finally when you apply for a new passport at the Swiss Embassy, they will require that you provide them with the police card to show that the passport has been reported lost or stolen.

There is also the Swiss Embassy in Thailand as well as the Romanian Embassy in Bangkok and then the Embassy of Finland, Portuguese Embassy and the Norwegian Embassy in Thailand.


Address: 35 North Wireless Road,Bangkok 10330
G.P.O. Box 821, Bangkok 10501
Tel: 0 2674 6900

(Visa Section) 0 2674 6934

Fax: 0 2674 6901

(Visa Section) 0 2674 6902

Office Hours: 09.00 – 11.30 (Monday – Friday)
Closed: The Embassy is closed on all local and foreign public holidays

Firstly, if you are going to get married in Thailand you will need a letter of freedom to marry. You will need to apply for a freedom to marry letter or a letter of no impediment. This will show that you are single. They will tell you when to return for this letter. Once you have this letter from the Swiss Embassy, you can then proceed to register your marriage in Thailand. Finally you can see the process here.


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