Norwegian Embassy in Thailand

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Thailand is located in Bangkok and manages the visa applications to Norway. The Embassy also provides consular assistance for all Norwegian citizens in difficulty while in Thailand. If you are getting married in Thailand and need a letter from the Embassy then you need to speak to them about the letter of no impediment. This allows you to register your marriage in Thailand.

Norwegian Embassy in Thailand

The Embassy of Norway is located in Central Bangkok and it is not very far from the BTS Asok Station and the MRT Sukhumvit Station in Bangkok. You should be able to take a motorcycle taxi from these stations. If you can find Major Sukhumvit then you are not to far from the Norwegian Embassy in Thailand in the Watthana district of Thailand.

Norwegian Embassy in Thailand

Consular Assistance

If you have lost your passport then you will need to ensure that you have contacted the local police. You will need to report the stolen or lost passport to them. Thai police will then open a case for the lost Norwegian passport. Once you have the letter they give you to show that it has been reported. Then you should make an appointment with the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok. Finally when you apply for the passport, you must give them the police case number. There is also the Swiss Embassy in Thailand as well as the Romanian Embassy in Bangkok and then the Embassy of Finland, Portuguese Embassy and the Norwegian Embassy in Thailand.

If your Thai wife has given birth then you will need to register the child at the Norwegian Embassy is Thailand. You will need all the documents from the Thai government when the child was registered. These include the Thai birth certificate and all other documents from the hospital. Contact the Embassy and ask them what else will be needed. Normally the child also have to be taken to the Embassy.

Firstly if you are getting married, you need a letter called the freedom to marry from the Embassy. Apply for this at the Embassy and then register the marriage with the Thai government.

Address: UBC II Building., 18th Floor, 591 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 33, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0 2204 6500
Fax: 0 2262 0218
Office Hours: 09.00 – 12.00 (Monday – Friday)
13.00 – 16.00
Closed: The Embassy is closed on all local and foreign public holidays


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