Amphur in Chonburi

Amphur in Chainat These are the contact for the Amphur in Chonburi. Chonburi is now a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches. The Bang Pa Pa Beach stretches for 12 kilometers along the eastern coast of Chonburi province. This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, water sports and more.

Amphur in Chonburi

Other notable beaches in Chonburial Bang Khen Aree, Bang Khen Aree, Bang Krathao Aree, Laem Seub Chan Aree, Laem Seub Chan Aree, Laem Seub Chan Aree and Laem Pak Chung Aree. All these beaches are linked by dirt roads that wind their way through coconut plantations and past fishing villages. See also the Amphur in Krabi

as well as the Chonburi Province.


Amphoe Ko Chan , Chon Buri

Ko Chan District Office Moo 1 Tambon Ko Chan Amphoe Ko Chan Changwat Chonburi

Amphoe Ko Sichang , Chon Buri

Ko Si Chang District Office 68 Moo 5 TambonTha Thewawong AmphoeKo Si Chang Changwat Chonburi
Tel. : 0-3821-6201
Fax. : 0-3821-6201

Amphoe Bo Thong , Chon Buri

Bo Thong District Office 9 Moo 1 Nong Yai-Prakan Fa Road, Tambon Bo Thong, Amphoe Bo Thong, Changwat Chon Buri
Tel. : 0-3821-1234
Fax. : 0-3821-1246

Amphoe Bang Lamung , Chon Buri

Banglamung District Office Sukhumvit Road Tambon Na Kluea AmphoeBang Lamung Changwat Chonburi
Tel. : 038-222480,038-221124
Fax. : 038-222480, 038-221335

Amphoe Ban Bueng , Chon Buri

Ban Bueng District Office Chet Amnat Road Tambon Ban Bueng Amphoe Ban Bueng Changwat Chon Buri
Tel. : 0-3875-0653
Fax. : 0-3844-3890

Amphoe Phanat Nikhom , Chon Buri

Phanat Nikhom District Office Muang Kao Road Tambon Phanat Nikhom Amphoe Phanat Nikhom Changwat Chonburi
Tel. : 0-3846-1122,0-3847-3789
Fax. : 0-3846-1122, 0-3824-3789

Amphoe Phan Thong , Chon Buri

Phan Thong District Office Moo 4 Phan Thong-Hua Phai Road Tambon Phan Thong Amphoe Phan Thong Changwat Chon Buri
Tel. : 0-3845-1110 038451982
Fax. : 0-3845-1110 038451982

Amphoe Mueang Chon Buri , Chon Buri

Mueang Chon Buri District Office Phraya Satcha Road Tambon Bang Pla Soi Amphoe Mueang Chon Buri
See also the Thai Immigration in Pattaya for more information as well.

Amphoe Si Racha , Chon Buri

Si Racha District Office 21 Sukhumvit Road Tambon Si Racha Amphoe Si Racha Changwat Chon Buri
Tel. : 038-312240,038-311020
Fax. : 038-313988
See also Thai Immigration Si Racha for more information.

Amphoe Sattahip , Chon Buri

Sattahip District Office Liap Chai Thale Road Tambon Sattahip Amphoe Sattahip Changwat Chon Buri

Amphoe Nong Yai , Chon Buri

Nong Yai District Office Moo 1 Tambon Nong Yai Amphoe Nong Yai Changwat Chonburi
Tel. : 0-3821-9760
Fax. : 0-3821-9223
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