Amphur in Ranong

Amphur in RanongThis is the Amphur in Ranong. Ranong is a small, but scenic island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is part of the Chanthaburi province of Thailand and is also part of Kengtung State in Myanmar. The name ‘Ranong’ means ‘tortoise’ in Malay; perhaps referring to the abundance of tortoises on the island. Despite its name, ‘ranong’ means ‘blue’ in Thai. In addition, the Thai word for ‘island’ is also ‘ran.’ As a result, the name ‘Ranong’ literally means ‘[a place] with blue islands.’

Amphur in Ranong

Ranong is a popular island destination because of its natural beauty and cool weather. It has a large limestone plateau and many waterfalls. The limestone plateau is an important location because it is home to many animals such as pythons, lizards and tortoises. In addition, there are over 150 species of trees and shrubs on the island. The waterfalls on Ranong provide a natural spectacle for tourists who watch the show from below. You will also find Thai Immigration in Ranong

located here so have your Thai Immigration Forms handy. There is also the Ranong District on this website. This is the list of all the offices of the Amphur in Ranong.

Amphoe Kra Buri , Ranong

Kra Buri District Office 99 Moo 6 Tambon Nam Chued Noi Amphoe Kra Buri Changwat Ranong

Tel. : 0-77828-375
Fax. : 0-77828-375

Amphoe Kapoe , Ranong

Kapoe District Office Petchkasem Road Tambon Kapoe Amphoe Kapoe Changwat Ranong

Tel. : 0-7789-7009
Fax. : 0-7789-7009

Amphoe Mueang Ranong , Ranong

Ranong District Office 300 Moo 1 Phet Kasem Road Tambon Bang Rin Amphoe Mueang Ranong Changwat Ranong
Tel. : 0-7781-0203
Fax. : 0-7781-0203

Amphoe La-un , Ranong

La-un District Office Moo 6 Tambon La-un Tai AmphoeLa-un Changwat Ranong
Tel. : 0-7789-9017
Fax. : 0-7789-9017

Amphoe Suk Samran , Ranong

Suk Samran District Office Moo 5 Tambon Kampuan Amphoe Suk Samran Changwat Ranong
Tel. : 077-893075
Fax. : 077-893075
You can also see the Amphur in Nonthaburi as well as the Amphur in Krabi for more information. The amphur where you live is where you will need to register your marriage while in Thailand.
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