Due to its calm and temperate weather, Ranong is a good destination for divers and beachgoers. The water temperature ranges from 72° Fahrenheit in February to 75° Fahrenheit in August. This makes it one of the coolest islands in Thailand during summer months. In addition, there are many dive shops on the island that specialize in fishing and observing aquatic life. There are also plenty of local markets where divers can buy equipment and necessities for their trips.


Ranong is on the Kra Isthmus, a slim strip of land, solely forty four kilometres (27 mi) wide, that connects Thailand with the Malay Peninsula, on the west of the Phuket mountain range. It has a lengthy coast on the Andaman Sea. The province, collectively with Trat province, is recognized for being one of the wettest locations in Thailand, the wet season lasting for about eight months. See also Chanthaburi province on this website as well as the Amphur in Chainat.

Thai Immigration

Ranong is the least populated province. The whole woodland region is 1,726 km2 (666 sq mi) or 53.5 percentage of provincial area, and sixty seven percentage is mountainous. See also the amphur in Ranong.

In former years the predominant enterprise used to be tin mining, however most mines are now exhausted. White clay mining (for the manufacturing of porcelain) and fishing are now the predominant industries, alongside with rubber and cashew nuts.

You will also find Thai Immigration in Ranong very close to the border with Myanmar or Burma. This entails a short boat ride across the river. You can also complete your 90 Day Reporting there if you cannot complete the process online. You will also need to ensure that you have the correct Thai Immigration Forms when you do this.

Ranong is a beautiful city with natural beauty, cool weather and numerous cultural traditions. It’s a great place for outdoor activities such as diving or relaxing at the beach. Plus, many historical sites make this an interesting destination for travelers interested in history or Buddhism. Ultimately, Ranong is a lovely place that’s worth visiting! See also other provinces in Thailand such as Krabi as well as Nonthaburi in Thailand.


Cost of Living in Ranong


The cost of a roof over your head will again vary. If you are going to be teaching in Thailand then a basic 1 bedroom apartment will set you back anywhere between 2,500 THB and 4,500 THB. If you are looking at a house then again that depend son what you are looking for but 8,000 THB would be in the ball park.




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