Thai Immigration in Chainat

These are the contact details, office hours and address with a Google map to Thai Immigration in Chainat. You can learn more about Chainat province on this website as well. If you are getting married in Thailand then see the contact details for the amphur in Chainat for more details on this registration process. See also the marriage visa process in Thailand on this website.

Thai Immigration in Chainat

You can see the map as well as the contact details and office hours for Thai Immigration in Chainat. There are a number of other immigration offices in Thailand. These include the Thai Immigration in Nonthaburi where many expats live in Thailand. There is also the Thai Immigration in Udon Thani where many who retired in Isaan live. Then there is also Thai Immigration in Chiang Mai where many expat Americans retire. This is mainly ex-military personnel and there is also an American Consulate in Chiang Mai because of this. See more information below the map if you are retired or on holiday in Thailand.

Thai Immigration in Chainat

You can find Thai immigration in the Tourism and Sports office in the province. It is very easy to find as it is at the Chai Nat provincial hall in the center of town near the river. See more on what they can do for you. If you need to complete you first 90 day report which needs to be done in person. You can then ask them to complete you 90 day reporting.

Thai Visa Extension

If you are a visitor in Thailand with a tourist visa. You can pay the 1,900 THB fee to extend your visa for a period of 30 days. If you need to extend your retirement visa or marriage visa. This can also be done if you have all the needed documents. This is a hand drawn map to your house or apartment, letter from the bank or Embassy. Then also photos of you and your wife together and your last reporting done by your landlord or wife (property owner) to confirm that you live in the location as specified.

Address: 2nd Floor Chainat Tourism and Sports Office Building Chai Nat Provincial Hall, Chai Nat, Thailand
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 8:30AM–4PM (Closed on Public Holidays)


You can also find the Lopburi immigration immigration on here as well as Chachoengsao immigration.



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