Italian Embassy in Bangkok

If you are an Italian living in Thailand then you can seek advice and assistance at the Italian Embassy in Bangkok if you need consular assistance. This can be to register a marriage or obtain a letter from the Embassy so you can get married in Thailand. If you are retired and need to show that you meet the financial requirements of the retirement visa in Thailand then they can also provide you with assistance.

If you got married in Thailand and wish to return home with your Thai wife then you can also seek advice on a visa for Europe or if you lost your passport or need new pages then you need to speak to the Embassy about this. Note this Embassy cannot help you with a Thai visa as you need to speak to the Thai Embassy in Italy for more assistance. The contact details are listed below with their telephone number, map and also their operating hours in Bangkok. There is also the Czech Embassy as well as the Swedish Embassy, Italian Embassy, Dutch Embassy as well as the German Embassy in Thailand.

Note that the Embassy is close to the BNH Hospital and around the corner from the Bayan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. The nearest BTS is the BTS Chong Nonsi Station in Bangkok. It is in the same building at the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok in Sathorn.

Italian Embassy in Bangkok

Italian Embassy in Bangkok

  • Open days :Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Service hours :09:00 to 16:00
  • Address : 399, Nang Linchee Rd., Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
  • Phone number :+66 (0) 2285 4090 +66 (0) 2285 4091 +66 (0) 2285 4092 +66 (0) 2285 4093
  • Fax number :+66 (0) 2285 4793
  • Email


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