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Amphur in Kanchanaburi

Amphur in KanchanaburiSee the location and telephone number as well as address of the Amphur in Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi is one of Thailand’s most famous towns. The name comes from the river that flows through the town, and it’s also the location of the Bertor waterfall. In fact, this area is so famous that it has its own nickname: the Suicide Capital. Despite its sad history, Kanchanaburi is a beautiful place to visit and spot some natural beauty. Read More »


There are several attractions in and around Kanchanaburi for both tourists and locals alike. First, there’s the famous War Crippled Veterans Museum, which tells the story of how this area became famous for treating war amputees. Next, there’s the Hellfire Pass Museum. This which tells the story of an American pilot who landed here during WWII and was captured by Thai soldiers. Other popular sights include Khong Chiam Cave and Khong Chiam Fall.

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Amphur in Chainat

Amphur in ChainatThe Amphur in Chainat contact details are added below. See the telephone numbers for the offices as well as their address. There is also the Thai immigration in Chainat which is also on this website. See more on the province of the Chainat province on here. Also see the details below for more information. See also the Chainat Province on this website.

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Chainat Province

Chainat Province was first established during the Ayutthaya period. This was used as a successful base of operations for confronting the Burmese army. As the Burmese were defeated every time, the area earned the name Chai Nat, “place of victory”. An area of great beauty, Chai Nat features a diversity of natural, historical, and cultural attractions. Including the Chao Phraya Dam; the Chai Nat Bird Sanctuary.

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Due to its calm and temperate weather, Ranong is a good destination for divers and beachgoers. The water temperature ranges from 72° Fahrenheit in February to 75° Fahrenheit in August. This makes it one of the coolest islands in Thailand during summer months. In addition, there are many dive shops on the island that specialize in fishing and observing aquatic life. There are also plenty of local markets where divers can buy equipment and necessities for their trips.

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Amphur in Ranong

Amphur in RanongThis is the Amphur in Ranong. Ranong is a small, but scenic island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is part of the Chanthaburi province of Thailand and is also part of Kengtung State in Myanmar. The name ‘Ranong’ means ‘tortoise’ in Malay; perhaps referring to the abundance of tortoises on the island. Despite its name, ‘ranong’ means ‘blue’ in Thai. In addition, the Thai word for ‘island’ is also ‘ran.’ As a result, the name ‘Ranong’ literally means ‘[a place] with blue islands.’

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Work Permit and Visa

Lets tlak about your Work Permit and Visa. If you are going to work in Thailand then you can apply for a work permit while holding a number of Thai visas. Most people work in Thailand after obtaining a Thai Business Visa to apply for the visa. This visa has to be applied for at a Thai embassy who will issue the visa for you. If you are going to teach in Thailand then you need to speak to a lawyer as to all the documents needed as these do change.

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Amphur in Chiang Mai

Amphur in Chiang MaiSee the contact details of the Amphur in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a popular place to live due to its natural beauty and affordability. The city is located at the foot of the Pai mountain range, which gives it an appealing ruggedness. In addition, Chiang Mai has several universities, including the famous Chiang Mai University (MKHaven/iStock photo) and Rajathanirak University (MKHaven/iStock photo). This contributes to its status as a hot spot for education and intellectual growth.

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a popular city in northern Thailand with a total population of over 165,000. It is also the capital of Chiang Mai Province and the largest city in the Chiang Mai region. The name “Chiang Mai” means “New City”, which aptly describes the modern architecture of the city, juxtaposed with historical temples and Buddhist monuments. The natural beauty of the province also attracts visitors from all over the world and contributes to its already impressive cultural milieu.

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Visa on Arrival

The visa on arrival is a visa waiver. Certain nationalities can enter Thailand for a period of 90 days while others are allowed in for 30 days. There are also those who obtain 14 days on arrival while other will need to show money when arriving at an immigration check point. These do change so you can check with your local Thai Embassy in your country.

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